Important Notices

Winter Recreation at GMF

February 15, 2017

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In the recent days, many cross country skiers and snowshoers have been utilizing Great Mountain Forest as their winter destination. These opportunities are offered free to the public.

There have been complaints from some of our bordering neighbors and the town public works department about the parking situation at the west gate on Canaan Mountain in Falls Village. The state police were called in because cars were blocking a neighbor’s gate, and cars were ticketed.

From now on, all skiers and snowshoers who enter GMF from the west gate must park in the parking area at GMF’s Childs Center, 200 Canaan Mtn. Rd., Falls Village. Ski across the front yard and along the road to the gate or walk down the road to the gate. At the kiosk, sign in with the date, time, your full name and town. Enjoy the snow, and be sure to sign out when you leave.

Do not ski through the field behind the GMF visitor center – this is not GMF property and there is no kiosk to sign in.

If you enter from the east gate on Windrow Road in Norfolk, park in the designated area, not in the town road. Do not block GMF machinery or entrances to buildings. Sign in and out as above.

Everyone must follow these same rules, no exceptions.

If we continue to have difficulty with these issues, we have the right to close the forest to winter recreation as a last resort. Please cooperate so everyone can enjoy all the winter has to offer at GMF.

Jody Bronson, Forest Manager
Charlie Fritz, GMF Board Chair