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GMF Joins in Log Donation to Aid Children’s Hospital

October 31, 2019

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GMF Joins in Log Donation to Aid Children’s Hospital
Great Mountain Forest has participated in a program to benefit the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford.
During a recent pre-salvage of white ash trees to stem spread of the Emerald ash borer at GMF, an invasive forest pest, 20 cherry and maple trees on the site were designated to be removed by the participants in the logging operation to be included in the “Log a Load for Kids Campaign.”
The program, started by the Connecticut Professional Timber Growers Association in 1988, supports children’s hospitals and serves as a collaboration of landowners, foresters, loggers and sawmill operators.
During the white-ash cut, Forest Manager Jody Bronson marked the 20 trees within the ash stand. Others who donated their time and effort were J&J Log and Lumber of Dover Plains, N.Y., South Norfolk Lumber and R.J. Beham Forest Products, Ashley Falls. The donation from all participants was valued at $2,208.
Log A Load for Kids is an annual campaign which began in 1988 when loggers and others in the forest products community donated the value of a load of logs to their local CMN hospital. Today, Log A Load is a leader in CMN Hospitals’ fundraising, raising more than $2 million annually through golf tournaments, fishing events, dinners, truckloads of log donations and other events. During a recent White ash timber harvest at the Great Mountain Forest, 20 mature Black cherry and Sugar maple trees were marked to be removed. The trees were marked for removal by the GMF forest manager, harvested by loggers working for J & J Log and Lumber, trucked to the mill by South Norfolk Lumber and purchased by RJ Beham Forest Products, all of whom are members of the CT Timber Producers Association. A total of $2,208.15 was donated to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, representing 100% of the value of the load of logs, a $200.00 added donation was made by RJ Beham Forest Produsts. This was a great collaboration of landowners, foresters, loggers and sawmill owners. Special thanks go to the CT Timber Producers Association (TIMPRO) for running the event.