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Brian Munson

Brian Munson

Forestry intern, forest technician (1979-1982)

The classes I took at school all seemed to have deeper meaning when I could see the intricacies of the working forest, which transformed classroom and laboratory into a summer job. My interest in school piqued following each summer spent cutting cordwood, pruning Christmas trees, assisting with ecological research studies, tree to board operation from felling to the old sawmill and planer operation, bridge reconstruction and camp rebuilding. A benefit I did not expect, was the intense “sense of place” that I gained by working with a crew that shared their knowledge of the local history and past land management practices that made the forest we were within. The longest lasting and supportive friends I have are from this point in my life. One of those friends actually made me aware of an opportunity for a permanent job/career in close proximity to the forest I have so deeply come to appreciate. Managing the adjacent water company lands, wells, reservoirs and vastly spread small water systems of Northwest CT has kept me in close communication with the GMF staff over the years.
Brian Munson, Manager
Northern Systems Operations Aquarion Water Company of CT (retired 2015)
GMF intern 1979-81, staff 1981-82

Brian Munson
Manager, Northern Systems Operations Aquarion Water Company of CT (retired)

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