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Dave Giuliani

Dave Giuliani

Forestry intern (2003)

My first job after completing my undergraduate studies was as an intern with Great Mountain Forest.  I had previous experience with demanding, physical labor, year-round in the outdoors, but nothing quite like this opportunity.  No job before or since has so completely incorporated education, fulfilling duties, community outreach, and great co-workers all in an amazing work environment.  One of the most important things I learned was the essential need for hands-on experience to truly understand the art and science of silviculture.  From GMF, I pursued a number of other jobs in the forestry, logging, and tree care field before attending the University of Vermont Graduate School for forestry.
I value my time at GMF and the bonds I developed immeasurably.

Dave Giuliani
Building Analyst (Energy Auditor) and Consulting Forester, Jericho VT

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