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Dwayne Hess

Dwayne Hess

Forestry intern (1986)

When I reflect on my 1986 summer internship at Great Mountain Forest, I cannot help but to recall one of the most memorable summers of my life with a smile. The staff at GMF provided me a truly enjoyable and professionally rewarding experience that cannot be replaced. I may not have known at the time the absolute value of that experience, but the lessons provided, the operational skills practiced and learned and the mentorship offered that summer have provided me with on-going, life-long benefits to this day.
The diversity of activities GMF offers ranging from Christmas tree pruning to mountain road maintenance to sawmill operations and overall forest stewardship functions provided me a well rounded experience not easily duplicated by any other internship opportunity. I am grateful for this experience and know that it was invaluable to the growth of my professional career.

Dwayne Hess
Business Manager, Vegetation Management Services Deer Repellent Services,Wyomissing, PA

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