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Eve Cullerton

Eve Cullerton

Forestry Intern 2020 (2020)

My career aspirations involve finding ways to expand our understanding of the environment through field research, and hopefully work towards protecting our natural resources from over-exploitation.

This internship not only allows me to develop an understanding of the policy side of conservation, but also allows me to pursue my passion for the outdoors through field-based projects.

Working with Tamara, I am involved in researching how the forest can have a regional, national, and international voice in environmental conservation. I’m assisting in the coordination of a working group of the Governor’s Council on Climate Change, examining membership options for environmental organizations, and researching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relationship to GMF’s mission.

I am also thrilled to be working on some projects within the forest with Jody, Russell, and Leeane. GMF is unique in that it is located in one of the only areas in CT where Red Spruce grow. Leeane and I are working to set up monitoring plots to see how these trees may respond to the effects of climate change over time.

We have started a project to document moose numbers within GMF using trail cameras. There have been multiple moose sightings and we developing ways to distinguish individuals from one another.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with all of the amazing people at GMF this summer.

Eve Cullerton
Pursuing her degree at UCONN

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