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Leeane Marvin

Leeane Marvin

Forestry Intern 2020 (2020)

This summer I have had the privilege to be a part of the Great Mountain Forest Team. It truly has been an adventure!

Learning about this amazing, unfragmented forest has been wonderful. Jody Bronson has been just the best teacher. He is patient, kind, full of knowledge and most importantly he makes working and learning fun.

We have had full field days working on dendrology (the scientific study of trees), silviculture, point sampling and plot measurements. I have learned everything from compass and boundary lines, lumber harvesting and milling to road and trail maintenance.

The Red Spruce (Picea rubens) tree is an indicator species, and are present here at GMF. We began doing fixed radius plots to monitor their health.

We have implemented a moose census project. There have been countless other things that Jody has taught me this summer, along with helping me prepare for the CT Foresters Exam.

This is my senior year at UCONN. After graduation I hope to work within the forestry field in CT.

Working at Great Mountain Forest has truly put to life everything I have learned in the classroom. Hands-on learning and experience is essential.

Without this internship opportunity, I would not have gained the confidence and knowledge to begin a career in forestry.

Thank you all so very much for this opportunity!

Leeane Marvin
Completing her degree at UCONN

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