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Mari Cullerton

Mari Cullerton

Forestry Intern (2019)

This summer I was given the opportunity to experience forestry in a different way ¬– one focused less on academia, and more on hands-on and applied knowledge. As a rising Junior in college, my experiences with forestry were largely based on classwork and books rather than, to put it frankly, spending long periods of time in the forest observing management practices and learning about how the forest landscape has changed over time. We learned a bit about everything over the summer (dendrology, diseases, pests, silviculture, timber marking, cruising, cartography, skidder operation, and much more), which makes this program truly unique. Instead of focusing on one activity, we had the chance to delve into many different subjects that strengthened our overall understanding of forestry… and built character.

This internship program is more than forestry, it forces you to problem solve, have patience, be independent, focus, and watch for ditches. There was always an overlying emphasis on what Jody refers to as “life skills”, such as the removal of trailer wheels using a wrench, four-foot piece of firewood, and a bit of hand-eye coordination. I was able to learn more about mechanics, woodworking, public relations, and even masters’ programs at Yale University.

From splitting firewood to canoe building, every day was unique. Thank you all for the opportunity to work at Great Mountain Forest, it was certainly an experience I will cherish for decades to come and I look forward to visiting the forest in the future. Thank you to Jody, Russel, and Jean for knowledge, humor, and the ability to put up with us interns; and to the donors for their support.

Mari Cullerton
Environmental Science / Natural Resources student, University of Connecticut

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