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Matt Kasson

Matt Kasson

Forestry Intern (2000-2001)

I began working as an intern at the Great Mountain Forest in the summer of 2000, having recently graduated from Paul Smith’s College with an Associates of Applied Science in Forestry. Prior to accepting the job, I had practically no work experience in the forestry field. I was excited to learn and even more eager to apply the education I had worked so hard to obtain.
After my second summer at GMF, I had been accepted at the University of Maine, Orono to pursue my B.S. in Forest Ecosystem Science. Although excited to take that next step, it was hard not to feel some sense of loss leaving GMF. Even though my degree had taught me well, it was at GMF where I realized what I was meant to do and that with hard work, I could achieve anything I set my mind to. There is a quote that says “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” In this sense I spent 15 months catching bricks that Jody refused to stop throwing my way. He taught me how to build, how to stack, and gave me the knowledge, which served as the ‘mortar’ for a foundation that would inevitably guarantee me the success I have found since that time.
Since leaving GMF, I spent 9 years pursuing my ultimate goal of completing my PhD. I am the product of this exceptional summer internship and I know that with continued support, this program can provide life-changing experiences that mold the leaders of tomorrow just as it has done for me

Matt Kasson
Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology, West Virginia University

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