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Nicholas Cranmer

Nicholas Cranmer

Forestry Intern (2019)

Before starting my internship with GMF, I was very excited to begin an internship with such a widely known and well-respected place. I knew then that we would touch on multiple different aspects of forestry but didn’t fully realize just how encompassing it would actually be and how much there was to learn! I was able to learn and do many tasks that included maintaining forestry equipment/vehicles, grading the woods roads, splitting firewood, educational outreach, and even building a beautiful wood canvas canoe from lumber harvested out of GMF. My favorite task of this summer was marking out an ash harvest where we determined which trees to be removed, marked and tallied them, and calculated the board footage that is going to be harvested. This gave me a chance to practice my timber cruising and also where I learned how to properly clean and maintain a tree marking gun which I’m sure will be helpful someday. We were able to meet several people within the forestry field at meetings and connect with them. One of these times included the opportunity to meet with a former intern, Jess Wikle, to learn and see the different silvicultural treatments that her and her colleagues have been working on. We also met many other professionals from around the state.

Jody is an excellent teacher and person to work for. Being a former intern himself, he values the internship program and understands the importance it can bring to college students pursing their degree in forestry. Jody taught me more than I had hoped for! I learned many new species of flowers/shrubs and was impressed by certain species of trees that were significantly larger in size than the ones back home in eastern Connecticut. I was given helpful tips on maintaining my chainsaw, skidder operation, and much more. Not only did Jody spend time mentoring me, but he gave each of the intern’s an equal amount of time and attention focusing on their skillsets and ensuring they had a valuable summer experience. Thank you, Jody, for this opportunity and all of the knowledge I have gained from it.

My time spent at GMF has shown me and given me a clear direction to where I’d like to go with my forestry career as I finish up my undergraduate degree at the University of Connecticut. While I am sad the internship is over, this summer has been rewarding and beneficial towards my forestry education and career.

I’d also like to express my gratitude and say thank you towards Jean and Russell for their friendliness and helpfulness throughout the summer, to Schuyler Thomson, who mentored our canoe build, and to the GMF board and donors who make sure this internship continues year after year!

Nicholas Cranmer
Natural Resources Student, University of Connecticut

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