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Rissa Currie

Rissa Currie

Forestry Intern (2021)

Hi, I am Rissa Currie. I currently attend the University of Maine as a Forestry student and will be graduating in 2023. I first met Jody (Bronson) when I participated in CFPA’s Coverts, a land stewardship seminar held here at Great Mountain Forest. At this event, I also discovered that GMF offered an internship program and made up my mind that I would work incredibly hard to pursue that opportunity. Now that I am here, I could not be any more thankful.

Jody has a way of making concepts easy to understand and constantly pushes us to think in new ways to better tackle situations or problems. In this internship, I can apply the concepts and teachings I learned while at school to a wide range of different projects in the Forest. It has also has provided me with new information that I had not previously known. Hands-on experience in this field of work will always be of the highest value, and Jody is always ready to help and provide the means to do so.

GMF is a beautiful place with so much to explore and understand. Seeing all the wildlife is just an added bonus. I am excited about what else is to come from this internship because it is only just starting.

I hope to find what forestry means to me and the direction I want to take with it. I am ready to work hard and keep pushing the boundaries of my capabilities.

Rissa Currie
A student at University of Maine

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