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Eric Brown

Eric Brown

Forestry Intern (2015)

My summer at GMF was a summer I will not soon forget. I gained many hands on skills that will be applicable in future career, such as handling chainsaws and heavy machinery, marking and inventorying timber, and various steps of the wood products creation and use cycle. I feel I am at a distinct advantage to my peers at UMass because of the experience I gained at GMF; my Timber Harvesting class this fall will be all the more interesting because of the timber harvest I was able to partake in this summer.
My favorite moments of working at GMF was when I was able do every step that goes into creating finished lumber: finding and marking a tree, cutting the tree down, skidding it out of the forest, loading it onto the log truck, and milling it on the band saw mill. I enjoyed being part of the ‘full circle’ of forestry and hope to make a career out of it where I can still partake in every step. GMF has given me skills and experience that I can apply to my academic studies and future careers, which is more than I can ask from a summer internship.
Eric graduated from UMASS in 2016 with a degree in Forest Ecology.

Eric Brown
Assistant Forester, City of Worcester, MA, Reservoir Division

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