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Louis Bonnet

Louis Bonnet

Intern (2018)

Working on the summer crew at GMF was an amazing experience from beginning to end. The job was a great opportunity to learn and develop my skills and knowledge pertaining to forestry through all kinds of tasks. The internship program implemented a wide variety of jobs which encouraged me to try new things that I would have rarely had the chance to experience anywhere else. Thanks to Jody and everyone involved with the Great Mountain Forest Organization, each day offered relevant work that was both rewarding and enjoyable. By the end of the summer it was very satisfying to look back on everything that we had completed.

As a young college student I really appreciated what this program had to offer because it gave me a chance to experience many different things, allowing me to get an idea of what direction I’d like to pursue within forestry both professionally and academically. Another awesome part of this program was the educational aspect that Jody and Russel offered daily through their wisdom as well as through their efforts to introduce us to multiple connections that exposed the other interns and I to different perspectives and operations relating to forestry. I found this to be extremely beneficial because it added to the wealth of knowledge that this program gave me. I highly recommend this program to anybody that is seeking a unique experience to enhance their understanding and abilities that are relevant to all facets of forestry.
Louis graduated from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry in 2019.

Louis Bonnet
Louis is currently employed as a gardener at the New York Botanical Gardens.

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