Sunny and Warm

By Russell Russ

July is typically the warmest month of the year for Norfolk and this year was no exception. With a majority of warm and sunny days it was a very nice summer weather month. The downside of that is our increasing rainfall deficit. We are getting just enough rain to stay out of major drought conditions, but for six of the seven months of this year we have seen below average precipitation.

July’s low temperature of 51 degrees was observed on July 20 and the high of 90 was observed on July 22. This was our first day to hit the 90 degree or higher mark since July 19, 2013. With an average monthly temperature of 70.9 degrees, it was 2.8 degrees above normal.

This July was tied with July 1994 as being our sixth warmest July and seventh warmest month of any month over the last 85 years. Compared to July 2015, this July was two degrees warmer, but we did get about a half inch more rain this year.

The total precipitation recorded for the month was 3.01 inches, 1.35 inches below normal. There were just two thunderstorms observed at the station this month and as has been the case all summer long, nothing on the severe side.

Through July the total precipitation amount for the year was 21.31 inches. This is 8.63 inches below normal. Last year was dry, but we are now even 4.59 inches drier than that.

What will August’s weather be like? Through the first half of the month it was warm with numerous hazy, hot and humid days. Typical summer weather. On the plus side, August has brought some much needed rainfall. If that continues then our rainfall deficit should not be increasing by much. Over the next month we will be making our transition into cooler autumn conditions.