Another Beauty

By Russell Russ

August continued our on-going series of months with pleasant weather. Residents along the Gulf Coast and in the Caribbean had a rough weather month, due mostly to Hurricane Harvey, but here in Norfolk, CT the weather continues to be quite nice. Norfolk’s weather for the most part has been very uneventful and fairly nice all summer long. Conditions have been not too hot or too cold and not too wet or even too dry. Hard to complain about the weather around here lately.

The month’s high temperature of 86 degrees was observed on August 22. This was a record high for this date, beating the old 1976 record of 85 degrees. The low of 47 degrees was observed on three consecutive days, August 26, 27 and 28. The monthly average mean temperature was 65.8 degrees, 0.5 degree cooler than normal.

August of 2016 (last year) with an average of 70.2 degrees was the second warmest August on record. In all of 2016 (last year) there were two days at or above 90 degrees at the weather station, which is about average, this year there have been no days at or above 90 degrees. For the record, the warmest August over the last 85 years was in 2001 with 71.0 degrees and the coolest was in 1964 with 61.5 degrees.

The total precipitation recorded for the month was 2.90 inches, 1.73 inches below normal. It was our seventh month this year that was below average for precipitation, but it is important to note that unlike our previous two years, this year’s monthly deficits have not been at extreme levels.

Through August, the total precipitation amount for this year was 30.12 inches. This is 4.36 inches below normal, but does not come close to our previous two years of deficit figures. Norfolk’s wettest August occurred in 1955 (of course) with a monthly total of 23.67 inches, thanks to Hurricanes Connie and Diane. The driest August was in 1953 when only 0.65 inches was recorded.

What will September’s weather bring to Norfolk? Through mid-month for the most part the nice weather continued to bless Norfolk. Temperatures were running about normal with no extreme hot or cold temperatures. Rainfall was a little above normal. Several devastating Hurricanes have made landfalls in the Caribbean and in Florida. This year has been exceptionally devastating as far as hurricanes go. Not only have the hurricanes made direct hits, they have also been exceptionally strong this season. Fortunately, Connecticut continues to stay out of the path of these storms. Beneficial rainfall is welcome. Getting several months’ worth, or even an entire year’s worth, of rainfall from one storm is certainly not welcome.