An early look at January 2019 weather

By Russell Russ

A complete summary of January’s weather will be coming soon. An early look at the month shows the average monthly mean temperature was 21.7 degrees. This was 0.9 degree above normal. There were some wild swings in temperatures during the month. Record warmth and record cold. There were five days that had subzero temperatures. Total precipitation was 5.98 inches, 1.96 inches above normal. January’s snowfall total was 15.4 inches, 5.4 inches below normal.

Weather data from 2018 has been summarized and notable weather facts and figures have been compared to the 87 year weather data history for this weather station. The year of 2018 had numerous high ranking positions for temperature, precipitation and snow – but mostly for temperatures.

See the “Past Narratives” section of this website for a November, December and yearly summary for 2018 weather. Weather records up through 2018 have also been recalculated and revised data sheets have been posted in the “Weather Data Sheets” section.

Stay tuned for future weather updates.