A Fairly Typical July

By Russell Russ

The month’s low temperature of 53 degrees was observed on July 11. The high temperature of 87 degrees was observed on both July 19 and 20. The average temperature this month was 70 degrees, 2.2 degrees above the July average. There were no weather records set this month. Although there were no high temperature records or big heat waves that hit town this July, Norfolk did have some typical hazy, hot and humid weather, especially during the middle part of the month.

It was generally cloudy around the Fourth of July weekend, but most of the region’s fireworks displays seemed to go off without many weather related problems.

The total precipitation recorded this month was 5.65 inches, 1.54 inches above normal. Thunderstorms were observed on July 20, 24, 27 (which had two), and 31. This July continued this summer’s trend of a seemingly above average number of thunderstorms which produce short bursts of heavy rainfall.

Norfolk is now just about 8 inches above average for yearly precipitation. The total precipitation recorded for 2008 through July is 37.89 inches.