Turning Up The Heat

By Russell Russ

The month’s low temperature of 50 degrees was observed on July 1 and the high temperature of 93 degrees was observed on July 22. The average mean temperature was 70.8 degrees, 2.8 degrees above normal. It was the sixth warmest July in the last 80 years. Last year July was the third warmest at 71.5 degrees. The warmest July occurred in 1955, with 72.1 degrees.

Two daily temperature records were set this month. The high of 91 degrees on July 21 tied the record high from 1957 for that same date. The high temperature of 93 degrees on July 22 was another record, surpassing the old one of 90 degrees also set in 1957.

Typically, on average, Norfolk gets a temperature of 90 degrees or higher, 2.5 times per year. So far, we have done it twice this year. Amazingly, Norfolk has recorded daily high temperatures of 93 degrees or higher only 22 times over the last 80 years. It has been 95 degrees or higher on just seven days.

There were four thunderstorms observed at the weather station this month, none were severe and none produced hail. The total precipitation for the month was 2.74 inches, 1.57 inches below normal. It was the first month this year that we’ve been significantly below normal. Through July this year, the total yearly precipitation amount is 35.76 inches. This is 5.86 inches above normal.