Thunderstorms Galore

By Russell Russ

June was about average temperature-wise and above average for precipitation. No records were set this month for either temperature or precipitation. It was not really a good month for gardens and definitely not good for trying to get hay out of the fields. Last June was great for growers, but this year was a bit of a struggle.

The month’s low temperature of 43 degrees was observed on June 4 and the high temperature of 87 degrees was observed on both June 1 and 8. The average mean temperature was 64.2 degrees, 0.9 degree above normal. It was not as warm as last year, but was still much warmer than June 2009. On a historical note, the highest temperature ever recorded at the weather station was 101 degrees recorded on June 29, 1933.

The total precipitation for the month was 7.39 inches, 2.64 inches above normal. There were nine thunderstorms observed at the weather station this month. Hail was observed three times, twice in one day.

Strong thunderstorms just over the Massachusetts border during the late afternoon of June 1 produced several tornadoes in the Springfield area. The strongest storm formed near Canaan, went just north of Norfolk, and really strengthened over central Massachusetts. It is unusual to have such strong tornadoes in New England.

A thunderstorm during the afternoon of June 9 produced some of the largest hail that has been recorded in many years here in Norfolk. Hailstones up to one and a half inches in diameter, or ping pong ball size as the National weather Service categorizes them, were observed in numerous locations in town, including at the weather station. Wind damage associated with this storm knocked the power out in several locations around town. Many other towns experienced wind damage which delayed the power company’s response time for Norfolk repairs.

Through June this year, the total precipitation amount was 33.02 inches. This is 7.43 inches above normal. We are still doing very well in the groundwater department.