Pleasant Summer Weather

By Russell Russ

The month of July can sometimes be a weather record setter for warmth and rainfall. July 2013 was our warmest month on record and July 2014 was our ninth wettest month on record. July 2015 was no record setter. In fact, it was considerably below normal for rainfall and only a little above normal for temperature.

June’s much higher than normal rainfall helped us through a good part of July, but by the end of the month the rainfall deficit was noticeable in the many dry lawns and gardens in the area. There were a couple of heat waves, but a heat wave for Norfolk is not the same as it is for the big cities. We can continue to thank our relatively high elevation and our forested landscape for their cooling effects on our temperatures.

July’s low temperature of 49 degrees was observed on July 3 and 17. The high temperature of 88 degrees was observed on July 29. There were no temperature records set this month. With an average monthly temperature of 68.9 degrees, it was 0.8 degree above normal. The Norfolk weather station on average gets to 90 degrees or above just two to three times a year. We did not reach 90 degrees last year and we have not reached it yet this year either.

The total precipitation recorded for the month was 2.49 inches, 1.79 inches below normal. It was on the dry side, but nowhere near any record for lack of rain. There were three thunderstorms observed this month, but nothing on the severe side. As has been the case all summer, many of the more severe storms are just missing Norfolk.

Through July the total precipitation amount for the year is 25.90 inches. This is about four inches below normal. Currently we do need the rain, but the deficit has not reached a critical level yet and could be erased with just a couple of good summer thunderstorms.

What will August’s weather bring us? Through mid-month we still have not topped the 90 degree mark here at the weather station, although we are running a little above average for temperatures. It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity, and we have seen our fair share of humid weather. Enjoy the summer heat while it is here. Hard to believe, but in just a few weeks the leaves will begin to turn and fall will be upon us.