Nice Summer Weather

By Russell Russ

June’s low temperature of 43 degrees was observed on June 4 and the high of 88 degrees was observed on June 18. With an average monthly mean temperature of 63.6 degrees, it was just 0.3 degree above normal. There were just a few really warm days in June and no daily temperature records were set. It was a pleasant weather month, very average for the month of June in Norfolk. Temperatures and humidity increased late in June and continued into early July.

This June was just about average for temperatures. Morning lows in the 40’s in June may seem a little chilly, but that is normal for Norfolk. Norfolk’s coolest June was in 1958 with an average monthly mean temperature of 58.8 degrees. The warmest June was in 1943 with 68.3 degrees.

The total precipitation recorded for the month was 5.76 inches, 0.90 inch above normal. There were just two thunderstorms this month, neither of which were on the severe side. The monthly rainfall total was certainly helped by two days (June 4 and 28) with moderate to heavy rainfall during the overnight hours.

During the summer months, short duration downpours typically make up a large part of the monthly rainfall total, and also, the lack of them can mean a dry month. The driest June was in 1988 when only 0.74 inch was recorded. Our wettest June was in 2013 with 13.38 inches.

For the first half of 2018 our total precipitation amount was 28.25 inches. Through June, this puts Norfolk 2.74 inches above normal for the year. This is also nearly 5 inches above where we were last year at this point in time. The years of 2015 and 2016 were very dry. Fortunately, it seems we have turned the tide and can worry about other things besides a looming drought. Of course, July and August could be dry, they sometimes are, but compared to recent years, this year we have a little cushion to work with.

An early look at July through mid-month shows that it certainly did warm up. Temperatures were running about 5 degrees above normal and for three days in a row (July 1-3) Norfolk recorded high temperatures in the low 90’s. It was hazy, hot and humid for sure for the first five days of July. When the dew point is in the upper 60’s it is noticeably humid. A few days with dew points in the mid to upper 70’s in early July made it very uncomfortable.

If you were looking for some hot summer weather then you got it in early July. Record highs were recorded on July 1 (92) and July 2 (92). We just missed record highs on July 3, 4 and 5. July is typically Norfolk’s warmest month of the year. We are supposed to see some hazy, hot and humid conditions in July and we have had some of that. The weather station typically gets to 90 degrees or above two to three times a year. For 2018, Norfolk can say been there done that.