A fairly typical November

By Russell Russ

The month’s high temperature of 63 degrees was observed on November 15. The low temperature of 11 degrees was observed on November 22. The average temperature was 36.6 degrees, just 0.1 degree below the November average. With so many cold days at the latter half of the month it just seemed much colder. The cold days averaged-out due to the warmer than normal first half of the month.

November’s total precipitation amount was 3.05 inches, 1.78 inches below normal. There were nine days with a trace of snowfall observed, but no measurable amount of snow fell. The average November snowfall amount is 8.2 inches.

For the 2008 calendar year through November the station has recorded 57.0 inches of snow. We are 39.1 inches below our normal yearly amount. Through the month of November we are 21.6 inches below our average snowfall amount.

The total precipitation recorded so far for 2008 is 59.76 inches, 7.27 inches above the normal yearly amount. Comparing this to an average year through the month of November we are 11.85 inches above normal. With still a month to go until year’s end, 2008 is currently the ninth wettest year on record since 1932. Just assuming December is about average we have a shot at perhaps the fifth wettest year since 1932. Stay tuned.

Except for the lack of some measurable snowfall, this November was how many of us picture November being. It was cloudy most days and just seemed to be cold all month. Eighteen of the month’s thirty days saw some form of precipitation. Many local smaller ponds iced over around November 20 and stayed ice covered through the end of the month. Larger bodies of water, like Tobey Pond and Wangum Lake, stayed open for the most part all month.