Third Warmest November on Record

By Russell Russ

The month’s low temperature of 23 degrees was observed on November 7 and the high temperature of 66 degrees was observed on November 9. The average mean temperature was 42.5 degrees, which was 5.6 degrees above normal, making it the third warmest November over the last 78 years. This November’s warmth was only surpassed by that of 2006 with an average temperature of 43.2 degrees and 2001 with an average of 43.1 degrees. Yes, the top three warmest Novembers have all occurred since 2001, but looking at the top ten warmest shows them occurring over a number of years ranging from the mid 1940’s up through 2009.

November’s total precipitation amount was 2.70 inches, 2.06 inches below normal. There were only two days with a trace of snowfall observed, but no measurable amount of snow fell. It is fairly unusual to have a snowless November, but it is not unheard of over the years. The average November snowfall amount is 6.8 inches.

The total precipitation recorded so far for 2009 is 50.35 inches, 2.11 inches below the normal yearly amount. Comparing this to an average year through the month of November we are currently 2.37 inches above normal. It is looking like a fairly normal year as far as precipitation is concerned.

For the 2009 calendar year through November the station has recorded 59.4 inches of snow. With just one month to go in the year we are 31.8 inches below our normal yearly amount. Through the month of November we are 14.3 inches below our average snowfall amount. It is looking like another year with below normal snowfall totals.

For being such a warm month it was not an overly sunny one. There were a handful of sunny days, but overall it was mostly a cloudy month. By late November last year we saw many smaller ponds frozen over with just the larger ponds staying open. Not this year. It looks like we will have to wait until December or later to see any ice this year.