Third Warmest April Since 1932

By Russell Russ

The month’s high temperature of 77 degrees was observed on both April 19 and 23. The low temperature of 23 degrees was observed on April 3. The average temperature this month was 47.5 degrees, 4.9 degrees above the April average. It was the third warmest April since we began keeping records in 1932. The warmest April was in 1945 with 48.7 degrees; the second was in 2002 with 48.6 degrees.

The total precipitation recorded this month was 3.67 inches, 0.77 inches below normal. Thunderstorms were observed on April 1 and 12. Only a trace of snowfall was observed this month. The April average snowfall amount is 7.1 inches, but it is not uncommon to see only a trace. The station lost its measurable snow cover on March 31, but kept a trace on the ground until April 4. The snow cover was then gone for the season.

The snowfall total for this winter season to date, November through April, is 79.1 inches, 16.5 inches below normal. The snowfall recorded for 2008 to date, January through April, is 55.0 inches, 14.1 inches below normal. The total precipitation recorded thus far for 2008 is 21.83 inches, 5.19 inches above normal.

The ice went out on Wangum Lake on April 1, followed by Pond Hill and Tobey Ponds on April 5. April was blessed with about 18 days of pleasantly warm temperatures, mostly clear skies and no precipitation. One could really enjoy the first week or so of these nice days, and then the black flies came out. The lack of precipitation did raise the fire danger level during the second half of the month, but it was relatively short lived. It seemed to be a great year for forsythia blooms.