On the cool side, but a nice Memorial Day weekend

By Russell Russ

The month’s low temperature of 26 degrees was observed on May 1. The high temperature of 80 degrees was observed on May 27. The average temperature this month was 52.1 degrees, 2.5 degrees below the May average. There were no weather records set this month.

The total precipitation recorded this month was 2.74 inches, 1.72 inches below normal. Thunderstorms were observed on May 21, 27 and 31. There was no snowfall this month. The May average snowfall amount is just 0.5 inch, but we couldn’t even manage that.

The snowfall total for the Winter Season of 2007-2008 was 79.1 inches, 17 inches below normal. The snowfall recorded for 2008 to date, January through May, is 55 inches, 14.6 inches below normal. The total precipitation recorded for 2008 through May is 24.57 inches, 3.47 inches above normal.

It was a pretty quiet month weather-wise. There were some cloudy and rainy days, but also a good number of nice days. It was a very pleasant Memorial Day weekend. It might have been a bit too warm for the runners in Norfolk’s annual road race, but it was great for the spectators. The month ended with a bang on May 31 when a moderate thunderstorm rolled in during the early evening bringing brief heavy rain and even a little hail.