More Classic Summertime

By Russell Russ

As recorded at Norfolk’s National Weather Service Cooperative Weather Observer Station, Norfolk 2SW, by the Great Mountain Forest Corporation.

July 2007

High Temperature: 90 degrees on the 10th

Low temperature: 48 degrees on the 2nd

Average Temperature: 68.0 degrees (0.2 degrees above normal)

Total Precipitation: 5.90” (1.79 inches above normal)

Worth Noting:

  • On average, Norfolk gets to 90 degrees or higher just 2.5 times per year. As of the end of July we’ve reached 90 degrees just once.
  • Norfolk finally received its fair share of summertime thunderstorms this month. We recorded seven thunderstorms this month with two days recording  two storms each. The storm on July 11 was the largest by far with 1.5” of rain falling in roughly 2 hours.
  • The total precipitation for 2007 through July was 28.17 inches. Comparing this to the last 75 years we are now 1.71 inches below an average year.
  • This month we had about ten really nice summer days and about fourteen hot humid days. All in all just normal summer weather for Norfolk.