As recorded at Norfolk’s National Weather Service Cooperative Weather Observer Station, Norfolk 2SW, by the Great Mountain Forest Corporation.

Norfolk 2SW has recorded weather observations since January 1, 1932.

June 2006

High Temperature: 88° F on the 18th

Low temperature: 46° F on the 11th

Average Temperature: 64.4° F (1.2° F above normal)

Total Precipitation: 7.75” (3.08” above normal)

Worth Noting:

  • What can we say about June’s weather? Simply put it was wet, wet, wet. There are many people that would add their own not so nice ways to describe the dreary weather that seemed to last all month. In June’s 30 days there were 14 mostly cloudy days, 10 partly to mostly cloudy days and 6 were clear. There were 21 days with measurable rainfall.
  • Norfolk recorded some moderately heavy rains during the month and in total it was an above average month for rainfall, but we were once again spared from the very large rainfall totals that other parts of the state and the country recorded during the month. There were four thunderstorms recorded on the 1st, 19th, 20th, and 29th. The storm on the 29th was quite strong at the station and even produced a little small 1/8” sized hail.
  • For this weather station June 2006 came in as the 9th wettest June since 1932. June 1986 with 10.41” was the wettest June on record for this station. For the period January through June 2006 we are now 5.37” above normal for precipitation.
  • The best we could do for warm weather was coming close to, but not breaking, record high temperatures on the 18th and 19th. Let’s hope July will bring us some pleasant summer weather!