Warmest November on record

By Russell Russ

Here are the weather highlights from November as recorded at Norfolk’s National Weather Service Cooperative Weather Observer Station, Norfolk 2SW, by the Great Mountain Forest Corporation. Norfolk 2SW has recorded weather observations since January 1, 1932.

The month’s high temperature of 64 degrees was recorded on Nov. 16. The low temperature of 22 degrees was recorded on Nov. 22. This month was a record setter. This station recorded the warmest November observed since we began keeping records. The month’s average temperature was 43.2 degrees which was 6.5 degrees above normal. The monthly precipitation of 5.26 inches was 0.43 inches above normal. There were heavy rains on Nov. 8 when over 2 inches fell and on Nov. 16-17 when nearly 1.5 inches fell. The only snow recorded was from a few flurries that fell on Nov. 3 and Nov. 20, making the monthly snowfall total fall way below normal. The station normally receives 8.2 inches of snow during November.

Taking a look at the 2006 yearly totals, through the month of November we have recorded 53.94 inches of precipitation, making us 6.03 inches above normal. With December still to be added in, the station has already recorded more precipitation than in a normal year. Our year to date snowfall total of only 48.9 inches is 29.7 inches below normal. Here in Norfolk we normally get about 96 inches of snow per year. If December is as snow free as November we could be looking at one of the top three least snowy years on record. For 2006 to reach the yearly normal snowfall amount, December will have to see over 4 feet of snow. Now that would be another record.

It has been said that November, especially the latter half of November, is the indicator for the type of winter that we will have. If this is true, we here in Norfolk are in for a cloudy, wet and warm winter. Only time will tell.